Current B100 Price : $2.30

The Denver Biodiesel Cooperative distributes ASTM certified B99 biodiesel made from feedstock we collect from local restaurants. We increase knowledge and awareness of biodiesel in our community by hosting socials, attending fairs, presenting at schools, and just having informed conversions about B100 at cocktail parties. DBC enthusiasts know about various vehicles/engines, using biodiesel in the winter months of Colorado, and what measures the government and big oil are taking to help or hinder biodiesel use.

We are not accepting new memberships at this time of low fuel prices, anyone interested in meeting like-minded people can still participate at one of our residential stations in Denver, Aurora, Golden, or Boulder. Please Contact Us.

We are currently in the market to set up a centralized location to be the only place in Colorado to have 24/7 access to biodiesel – please Contact Us with any leads.

Join our e-mail group for free to tune in and contribute to threads regarding local informations such as good local mechanics, cold weather experiences, price change alerts, etc.

We have partnered with CU Dept. of Chemistry to enable students in Boulder to test the 20% biodiesel sold at filling stations along the front range.

Please help ensure the availability of biodiesel for your community and donate here:


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