Based on input received from its citizens, the City of Fort Wayne has compiled this list of links to other public and private organizations.  It is an effort to provide a central location for its citizens to be able to find relevant information that is of concern to the general public.

- Home page for Allen County

- Home page for the State of Indiana

- The United States Government's Official Web Portal

- The Department of Health's mission is to promote and monitor a healthy community by providing effective public health services and working towards a hazard free environment.

- The Commission's mission is to assure that utilities and others use adequate planning and resources for the provision of safe and reliable utility services at reasonable cost.

Property Taxes
- Find the latest information about property taxes.

Game bài đổi thẻ càoThese links are external to the City of Fort Wayne website and therefore the accuracy of the information contained there cannot be verified by the City of Fort Wayne.